Flatbed Towing in Sacramento

Auto Towing in Sacramento specializes in all manner of towing services, helping drivers get off the side of the road in the event of a car breakdown or an accident. After years spent earning the trust of the community, we are now in a position to boast of being the premier towing company in Sacramento. So hard do we work at maintaining our hard-earned reputation for excellence that the largest and most respected auto insurance companies and motor clubs urge their customers to call us in the event of a car breakdown or an accident?

Auto Towing in Sacramento is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Among the most popular towing services is the flatbed tow, which is, by far, the safest and most convenient way to tow a vehicle.

OK, But What is Flatbed Towing?

Flatbed towing involves no more than a specialized truck with a flatbed in the rear. For the majority of towing emergencies, a flatbed is a perfect solution. Most flatbed trailers have four wheels, usually placed at the center of the trailer in order to balance the weight of the vehicle and to prevent it from swaying during transport. Having your car towed on a flatbed is an insurance policy against further damage, for all four of its wheels will be off the ground.

So why should I call Towing Sacramento for a flatbed tow?

Auto Towing in Sacramento has won the trust and gratitude of thousands of Sacramento drivers by offering the fastest and most reliable towing services in the city. On call 24/7, the highly trained tow truck drivers and mechanics we work with receive dozens of hours of ongoing training in the use of new, state-of-the-art towing technology. But that’s not all: all of them are also trained in customer service and safety precautions. It’s not just your car they’ll worry about; they’ll also worry about you.

Additional Towing Services

Don’t need a flatbed tow? Looking for a different type of tow? Towing Sacramento offers you a full range of towing services to choose from:

  • Local Towing
  • Vehicle Towing
  • Accident Removal
  • Private Property Towing
  • Collision Recovery
  • Luxury Car Towing
  • Long Distance Towing
  • On/Off-Road Winching
  • Truck Towing
  • Motorcycle Towing
  • Long distance tow truck service
  • Wrecker Service
  • Flatbed truck service
  • Towing dolly services
  • Heavy duty towing
  • Light duty towing
  • Private property towing

Call us now, and one of our dispatchers will provide you with information about these and many other services (916) 209-7606. We are here for you!