Meet Auto Towing in Sacramento's Team

Welcome to Auto Towing in Sacramento

Our Values

  • 100% Professionalism
  • Complete Customer Satisfaction
  • Fast Response Time
  • 24/7 Availability

About Us

Auto Towing in Sacramento was founded with the goal of providing excellent and trustworthy local towing service. We operate all across Sacramento.

Our first priority, at Auto Towing in Sacramento, is the satisfaction of our customers. We know how important your security is to you, and when you find yourself in an emergency situation, it’s important that you trust the company that you work with. We make it easy for our customers to be confident in their choice.

We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and ready to assist you anytime. This ensures that if our customers have any questions or concerns about their security or safety, we are always available to assist and provide peace of mind.

At Auto Towing in Sacramento, our customers always come first – call us at (916) 209-7606 and find out how we can assist you!

Quotes from our customers

“After all this he also offered me to take me to my car the day after…for FREE.It was so nice experience with Auto Towing in Sacramento, I recommend them and I will call them again for sure.”
-Julia Meacham

“Within half an hour he came back and towed my car over to my mechanic and got the owner (who happened to be there working on his personal race car) to let me in and take down the info on my car right then even though the shop was closed. And then he only charged me $20 for the second tow.”

“They told me they didn’t have to fix anything so they wouldn’t charge me anything. I’ve found this to be typical of Auto Towing in Sac. Bottom line, they’re fair and they’re good.”
-Kevin Glanville