Expert Flatbed Towing Services

Contact Auto Towing in Sacramento for the best rates and most trusted flatbed towing services. We are the most well recognized and trusted towing company in Sacramento.

Flatbed towing is by far the best and most secure way to have a vehicle transported. Your vehicle remains high above the road surfaces throughout the duration of the trip. This means that your vehicle never scrapes against the gravel, comes in contact with any broken glass or objects and preserves the mileage.

We can dispatch a flatbed tow truck technician to be at your place for full pickup at a time you choose. We have a 24/7 availability rate with certified roadside technicians spread throughout the city of Sacramento. We have a highly rapid arrival time in the event of an emergency roadside assistance situation, so you’re always in good care with us!

The Most Professional Tow Truck Company in Sacramento

Auto Towing in Sacramento offers a wide variety of towing services, including flatbed, towing, long distance towing, heavy duty towing, medium duty towing, local distance towing, emergency towing, luxury vehicle towing and 24/7 auto locksmith. The expert roadside specialists we work with will carefully raise the flatbed platform to accommodate your vehicle. One key component in flatbed towing is that your tires never accumulate any wear and tear since they never touch the road.

In addition to being the safest way to transport a vehicle, flatbed towing, is also extremely cost-efficient. Auto Towing in Sacramento offers outstanding rates and 24/7 availability. The flatbed trucks are strong enough to accommodate most vehicles, including semi-tractor trailers. We’ll provide you with a time and date for pickup, so you won’t have to wait around all day.

Choosing the pros

At Auto Towing in Sacramento, we go the distance to keep you safe and your vehicle towed in a timely manner. You can schedule same day pickup and delivery with us. Auto Towing in Sacramento works with all major roadside insurance companies, and we provide direct billing. Don’t hesitate to ask us to assist with the insurance paperwork, it’s our pleasure. We’ll have your vehicle picked up on time and sent to your destination of choice. Flatbed towing is made easy with Auto Towing in Sacramento! We also offer 24/7 emergency roadside assistance in case you need an emergency towing in the middle of the night. Call us today for more details and rates.