Professional trailer towing services in Sacramento

We are Auto Towing Sacramento, a full service towing company providing all kinds of towing services, including trailer towing services, to all our customers in the Sacramento area. Available 24/7 all year round, we are fully equipped to respond as quickly as we can to all our clients’ towing needs.

What is a trailer towing?

Just like its name suggests, we tow stalled or stuck trailers that are incapable of being moved by themselves. However, we do make sure that we do no further damage to the trailer being towed as these vehicles are really expensive. Our fleet of flatbed tow trucks ensures that no damage is done to the trailer being towed.

How is trailer towing different from the “traditional” kind of towing done by towing companies?

Truth be told, trailer towing is not much different from the traditional towing services provided by towing companies. However, it does require special care and attention, as trailer towing requires sturdier tow trucks and more skillful drivers in order to ensure that the trailer is not damaged during transport. Sometimes it’s also more complicated to tow a trailer truck, depending on the hauling and latching capabilities of the trailer involved.

If you promise high-quality services, won’t customers have to expect expensive rates?

Not at all! Our service rates are one of the most competitive rates in the Sacramento area. We want to make sure that any client who is in need of a towing service, can actually afford it. We also don’t charge our clients with any hidden service fees or rates so our clients can rest assured that when they call us in need for a service, they’ll immediately get an estimate or quote, and that estimate or quote will likely stay the same when it’s time to pay for the services required.

How quickly can Auto Towing come to a client calling from Sacramento?

Since we’ve opened up a branch right within the Sacramento area, it will be a lot easier and quicker for us to respond to distress calls. That said, we can’t promise a fixed estimated arrival time, and unlike other companies, we can’t do that to our customers if we’re being honest. It really depends on the ground conditions at the time the call is received, such as weather and traffic conditions and the time of day the call is received. What we do promise is to treat emergency calls as top priority or calls from drivers who are in need of immediate roadside assistance.


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