Light & Medium Duty Towing in Sacramento

From a vintage Oldsmobile to the newest Jaguar, Porsche, or Maserati, one thing can be said with certainty – any car will require towing services at one point or another.

What is light & medium towing service?

Light & medium towing services in Sacramento are what we do best. Plainly speaking, such services entail getting a vehicle from point A to point B by means of another vehicle usually being a tow truck.

Light & medium towing can be done by amateurs as well as by professional service providers, each having their own advantages. Such services can become handy due to mechanical failures, accidents, unfit drivers, and many other reasons.

Why choose Auto Towing in Sacramento?

For many people, a car is a valuable possession. Beyond being a valuable possession, it usually plays an important role in their everyday life. This is the reason for choosing a professional and certified service provider when you need your car towed. After all, you will want only the best, most professional experts to handle your car. When you choose Auto Towing in Sacramento for light & medium towing services in Sacramento and its vicinity, you gain the following these advantages:

  • All car makes and models: the experts we work with are fully capable and equipped to take care of any car, regardless of its make or model. This means that no matter what car you drive, we can offer an effective, safe, reliable, and affordable towing solution.
  • Availability: 24/7/365 is our standard working hours. This means you can easily reach us any time, day or night. With one quick call to our dispatch center, your car trouble will be over.
  • Customer care: we do everything in our power so our customers will be 100% satisfied. Being fully licensed and certified, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Additional Services:

The experts we work with will gladly assist you with:

  • Extensive towing services (local distance and long distance towing, heavy duty towing, dolly towing, flatbed towing, wheels lift towing, etc.)
  • Expert and comprehensive locksmith services (lock picking, trunk unlocking, key replacement, transponder key reprogramming, and the like)
  • Out of gas situations
  • Flat tire replacement
  • Accident removal services
  • Winch services
  • Etc.

If you ever find yourself in need of professional towing services simply contact our call center and help will immediately be on its way. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!