Long Distance Towing Experts in Sacramento

Need to get towed from Rio Linda to La Riviera? Or, perhaps from Fair Oaks to Foothill Farms? Auto Towing in Sacramento specializes in long-distance towing a car, truck or SUV from point A to point B, safely and efficiently. The techs we work with are available around the clock and their long-distance, heavy-duty tow trucks are equipped to handle the heaviest of loads.

Auto Towing in Sacramento is Here For You:

  • We cover the entire Sacramento Metropolitan Area
  • We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • We offer a transparent, budget-friendly schedule of fees
  • We arrive at the scene as rapidly as humanly possible

When it comes to long-distance towing, we stand head and shoulders above the competition. Towing a car from one town to the next requires skill, and all of the certified, insured long-distance drivers we cooperate with were evaluated on the strength of their ability to safely and efficiently tow all manner of vehicles and heavy equipment over long distances. Your safety being our foremost concern, we require each and every driver to attend dozens of seminars on safety precautions and customer service. Our track record is exceptional because we hold the drivers we work with to the highest standards.

The drivers we work with, spare no expense on advanced automotive technology, constantly investing in new winches, rotators, digital technology, and GPS systems. These tow truck operators use vehicle location software that is the best in the industry, allowing them to get to your car in a matter of minutes.

Remember, Auto Towing in Sacramento offers the best rates in the business. No unpleasant surprises, no hidden fee,s no complicated mileage charts, no suggestions for unnecessary repairs—that’s what the staff at Auto Towing in Sacramento promises you.

Planning a big move and searching for a reliable long-distance towing company? Call us now and learn more about our budget-friendly services:  (916) 209-7606

We are proud to serve customers throughout the Sacramento Metropolitan Area.