Tow Truck Mirrors Are Important – This Is Why

Especially designed towing mirrors on tow trucks are of the utmost importance when the driver’s visibility is blocked by a large load or trailer.

Car mirrors make the driver’s life much easier. Can you imagine driving without rear and side view mirrors? It would not only be difficult it would also be terribly dangerous. You wouldn’t only be taking your eyes off the road for a second like you do to look at your mirrors, you’d have to turn your whole body around. Luckily, we don’t have to worry about this in our cars, but have you ever thought about what happens when you drive a towing vehicle and you’re towing another large vehicle behind you? Well, in these cases rear view mirrors are quite useless because the view is blocked by the vehicle that is being towed.

blind spot

This is precisely the reason why mirrors are so important for tow trucks. Drivers that tow large and heavy loads, such as big trucks, or trailers have to make sure that they have excellent visibility using the side mirrors, so they cannot rely only on the mirrors that come with the vehicle, they have to make sure that they have mirrors that enable them to see all around the vehicle, to enable safe driving.

The best solution in these cases is for the driver of the vehicle to purchase towing mirrors that have been specially designed to enable the driver to see everything to the side of and behind the vehicle. There are two different kinds of side mirrors, regular and extended. The extended mirrors are what give the driver visibility all around the vehicle. The driver should get a professional to install these extended mirrors because it requires removing the inside panels of the front doors. Other types of mirrors are much easier to attach because they can easily be secured to the vehicle’s existing mirrors by clipping them on or slipping them over the mirror.

Every year thousands of accidents occur when tow truck drivers fail to see drivers who are in their blind spot. Correct mirrors and use of them are of the utmost importance to the safety of tow truck drivers and anyone in the vicinity of their vehicle.