BBB Warns Consumers About Online Car Shopping

Better Business Bureau says- Be a Smart Consumer!

There is nothing as fun and stressful as a car auction. Fortunately, car auctions are becoming a thing of the past, thanks to the internet. Online car auctions have taken over the traditional auctions as the place to shop for used vehicles. Before you start looking for the car of your dreams, it’s important to do some research. Here are a few tips to pay attention to before spending any money on the world wide web:

  • Ask Questions – You must know who the seller is, what the history of the vehicle is and if the vehicle had been through any major accidents. A reputable website such as Carfax will give you a great analysis of the vehicle and the history surrounding it. Although Craigslist is an excellent site to purchase a used car, there are still tons of scams going around, so be careful. Check the seller’s reputation with your local BBB to find out if the person had any previous complaints filed against them.
  • Take the Car for a Spin – Inspect the vehicle before you buy it. That means driving up and down the block or maybe a few blocks to get a good feel of the car. Bring the vehicle to a professional auto repair garage for a complete inspection when you are at the buying stage. Minor issues such as a routine oil change can amount to greater problems down the road. Do not buy the car if the engine has to be replaced, it is simply not worth it.
  • Collecting the Right Details – There are several items you must have when buying a vehicle. Start with the VIN number, used history report, license plates and make sure to put everything in writing. Some sellers may require a down deposit for a pricier vehicle and that’s OK. Just be sure to have the policies written out and saved in case of a dispute.

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