Licensed Towing Services vs. Unlicensed Towing Services

Human beings often show a tendency to cut corners. You know what I’m talking about. If something’s going to save you time or money at the expense of something else (like principals, well being of others, world peace, etc.) some won’t mind turning a blind eye. And it’s no wonder, either. Modern life is exhausting, it’s expensive, and it’s overflown with everyday decisions, dilemmas, and problems. So if something can save you even a tiny tinny bit of this headache you’re probably going to grasp it with both hands praising the Lord while you’re at it.

The problem is, that sometimes picking the shorter route turns out as not so smart a decision. Sometimes picking the route less travelled, so to speak, is the better way to go. Such is the case with picking a towing company. I’ve had the misfortune of having to call such service providers in Sacramento and its vicinity on a number of occasions. Let me tell you, there’s a whole wide world of towing companies out there that can be grossly divided into two groups: licensed towing companies and unlicensed towing companies.

What’s the difference you ask?

Availability: while licensed towing companies usually operate a fully equipped and constantly staffed dispatch center and are available 24/7, unlicensed towing companies usually operate a fully equipped central command center situated in a kitchen with at least one functional telephone line and are available 7/24 (7 minutes a day 24 seconds a minute). You do the math.

The swiftness of response: as licensed towing companies maintain several crews at the ready they’re pretty much able to provide any call with a 30 minutes response. Unlicensed companies may keep several crews, but their whereabouts are usually unclear unless you exclude the nearest pub. I’m exaggerating of course, but the point remains, that the less professional crews you have and the less professionally equipped they are, the less your response will be timely.

Price: we’ve finally gotten to the P word. How much will your wallet ache? That’s the thing, though; some may think that calling an unlicensed company for cheaper rates will save them a few bucks. The problem is your car will probably be so mistreated that more expenditure will securely be headed toward you. Calling a licensed company, however, will get you home free in the first run.