Tips to Avoid Being Towed

There are few things less irritating than having to call for that emergency tow. It’s one thing to return from shopping or having a nice time in the city, to find out that you were parked in the wrong area, but it’s another thing when you need that emergency tow on the road. Although you cannot truly predict what happens on the road, you can at least go to great depths to make sure that your car never gets towed. Here are a few helpful tips on how to avoid getting towed:

● Avoid Parking in Towing Spots – There are certain areas that are prone to towing. These areas include Hospital red zones, Bus stops, Blocking a driveway or intersection, and of course, an area marked with the tow-away sign. You could even risk having your car towed away if you are double parked, even for a few seconds. Always double check where you park your vehicle.
● Keep Your License and Vehicle Registration Up To Date – If a cop stops you, and finds out that your driver’s license expired, your car will be towed away immediately. If your vehicle registration is not up to date, the police department has the legal right to tow and impound your vehicle. Always make sure that your driver’s license and vehicle registration are current and up to date.
● Pay Your Parking Tickets On Time – This one is self-explanatory. It is almost inevitable to avoid getting a parking ticket. Whether you are double parked, or simply ran out of time in the parking meter, you are at risk of getting a ticket. While it’s not the end of the world, it is imperative that you pay your ticket on time.
● Have a Towing Company You Can Call – You never quite know when you might need that emergency towing. It’s highly recommended that you have the number of a 24/7 towing company. The last thing you want to do is be stuck on an empty road, waiting for help to arrive. Always keep the number stored in your phone, in case of an emergency.

You Can Turn To Towing Sacramento

Getting back to the final tip on the checklist, which is having the right towing company present, for when you need them most. At Towing Sacramento, we specialize in all kinds of towing situations and will be able to assist you at all times. Our expert towing technicians can help get you out that jam on the road, and provide your vehicle, with the right towing solutions. Whether you need that out of gas service, or that emergency tow, we’ll be there for you. We operate throughout the Sacramento area. Get in touch with our support team for more information.