Why did I add Towing Sacramento to my phone?

I was recently driving down Interstate 80 through Sacramento when I heard a large thud underneath my car. I felt the front end of the vehicle start to steer towards the right, almost as if I was about to have my car sling shot down the freeway. I tried to turn the wheel back towards the left in hopes of straightening out the car and realized I couldn’t. While I had assumed I had just hit something in the middle of the road, I quickly realized I had actually blown out my tire. I managed to pull the car over to the side of the road, collect myself and frantically began thinking of ways to contact a towing Sacramento and roadside assistance company. I knew I had a spare tire in the trunk, but the thought of changing it, especially on the highway, seemed daunting. Stuck on the freeway, I called a friend who helped me look for a towing Sacramento and roadside assistance company and in no time I was on the phone with someone from 24 Hour Towing Sacramento.

Within about 30 minutes, a friendly technician from 24 Hour Towing Sacramento was at my vehicle and assisted me in changing the tire and had me back on my way in no time. Thinking about it – and I spent the majority of my day a little startled from the tire blowout – I realized contacting a Sacramento towing and roadside assistance company, in this case 24 Hour Towing Sacramento, saved me time and energy and gave me piece of mind in knowing that everything was going to be ok.

For starters, I probably have changed a tire maybe twice in my life. That being said, both of those tires were changed in my auto-shop class back in high school. A normal Tuesday morning in a safe classroom with a teacher to make sure everything was going ok. Yeah, totally different than stuck on the freeway in the middle of the night with cars flying past me with limited visibility. How often do any of us actually change tires? Unless you work in an auto body shop, are any of us really that skilled in changing a tire? You take off the lug nuts with the wrench and swap out the tire; sounds easy when you are sitting in the auto body shop discussing the actions you need to take. At 24 Hour Towing Sacramento, their friendly technicians had the necessary tools and equipment to professionally and quickly change the tire. I didn’t have to sit on the road trying to figure out what to do in a dangerous situation.

Speaking of dangerous situations, when the technician from 24 hour Towing Sacramento came to help me change my tire, he made sure I was safe. Anyone who lives in the greater Sacramento area is familiar with those areas of Interstate 80 where it’s impossible to see anything. Whiteouts are common in the winter, the wind is usually quite strong due to the fact there are no tree – not the idea conditions in which someone would like to change a tire. Having the towing truck next to my car with its lights on provided extra illumination and helped make my car more visible to the other drivers. One individual trying to change a tire on the side of the road is much more dangerous than having an experienced roadside assistance technician and a huge towing truck.

I have added 24 Hour Towing Sacramento in to my phone in case I find myself in need of a Sacramento towing and roadside assistance company. After speaking to the technician, I found that they can assist me with everyone from being locked out of my vehicle to jump starts, tire changes, and tows and winch jobs. The list of services was quite impressive and the timeliness and professionalism of all their workers, from the dispatcher to the roadside assistance technician, was great appreciated and memorable. I would absolutely recommend 24 Hour Towing Sacramento as my Sacramento towing and roadside assistance company.