Recommended Items to Keep In Your Car For Emergencies

Roadside emergencies can happen at any time, which is why, you always need to be fully prepared for them in any case. Depending on the weather forecast, you can be safe with a limited amount of emergency items in your trunk. You could be miles away from a service station or have low battery on your cell phone. One of the most important items to carry with you at all times is a fully charged cell phone. As a matter of fact, a cell phone should be your main priority when traveling through any long distance trip. It will allow you to call for emergency roadside assistance and to notify your family that you’re OK. That’s why it’s so crucial to charge your phone before you prepare for a long journey drive.

Blankets are another necessity in the event that a stranded driver has to wait before roadside emergency assistance can reach them. Weather conditions vary from state to state, but it can get very cold and windy anywhere, and blankets will help you keep warm. It is a good idea to keep road flares in your car for any situation where you might need to change a tire and be seen by other motorists at night. Some other essentials include basic food, which can be freeze-dried goods or potato chips and bottled water. Some other foods that have a long expiration capability include packaged nuts, candy bars or granola bars. Other items to keep in the car are basic supplies like WD-40, jumper cables, a shovel, cold-weather clothing like gloves and hats, a portable battery charger, duct tape, a flashlight, towels, and a first-aid kit, which should always be in your vehicle, regardless of trip.

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