Emergency Road Kits: Prepare Yourself for the Inevitable

Towing Sacramento will help you out no matter what the nature of your roadside emergency, but we also worry about your safety during the time between your accident or breakdown and our arrival at the scene.

Does this scenario sound familiar? You and your family are on the road, eagerly anticipating a weekend of fun and excitement away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, when you hear an all-too-familiar thumping sound from the back of your car—a flat tire. It’s a common car problem, no doubt, but one that will turn into a nightmare without the right tools.

It is because of situations like the one we just described that you must regularly check and update your emergency road kit. Peace of mind is what we’re in the business of giving drivers, and there’s no better way to achieve that than to pay some attention to what’s in your kit.

Your Emergency Road Kit: The Essentials

Trunk size being limited, it is important that you pack your emergency kit with what is absolutely essential. You can buy a pre-assembled kit or gather the items by yourself—just make sure that your kit includes these items:

•    Several flashlights and extra batteries
•    Jumper cables
•    A folding shovel
•    Fuses
•    Tire chains
•    Basic tools (screwdriver, knife, wrench, pliers, etc.)
•    Wool Blanket
•    Phone Charger
•    Extra gasoline, water, and oil
•    Antifreeze and brake fluid
•    Road flares and fire extinguisher
•    Warm clothing and boots
•    WD-40
•    Emergency road sign
•    Duct and electrical tape
•    First-aid kit and toilet paper
We advise you to keep some power bars or other such snacks in your trunk. And if you travel with children—if you think they’re feisty while you’re driving, imagine what they’ll be like should you be stranded on the side of the road—you may want to consider throwing some board games and books into your trunk.

Towing Sacramento wishes you a safe and pleasant drive.